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Watch to hear Real IPM evidence

We gather lots of evidence of the benefits of biopesticides. Who better to explain them than the farmers and technical managers that use them. Watch two films that share the success farming professionals have seen by switching from chemical control to integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

Residue free fruits

At the VP Group fruit farm on the shores of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, Soft Fruit Manager Rose Ngina is delighted with their programme of use of biopesticides together with bio control through pest predators. They have better productivity and quality, lower costs of production and with zero residues in the raspberries and strawberries access to the European market is assured. “We would not consider growing fruit without biocontrol products from Real IPM” says Fruit Development Management Peter Dickie.

Quality rose production

In row after row of perfect blooms NIRP International showcase their latest varieties in their Rose Showhouse near Naivasha. Ethan Chege, Technical Manager, admits that it took some investment in time to drop the chemical regime and adopt IPM. “Now when the growers come, from within Kenya and from other parts of the world, they want to know how we have grown the roses to this quality” he explains “and I am happy to show them that Real IPM is responsible. We get good leaves with no blemishes, wonderful blooms and great stem length. And our costs have fallen. These are all things that we struggled to achieve before.”

Effective fruit fly control in mangoes

On the hillside off a winding track near the Mount Kenya town of Embu, Henry Ngari tends his orchard of over 300 mango trees.

In previous years he would lose up to 50% of his mangoes to fruit fly. Now, through the use of IPM, including the use of the Real IPM dissemination devices hanging from the trees that use fruit flies themselves to disseminate a dose of Metrhizium 69 to kill the adult insect pests, the crop loss has dropped from 50% to just 3%. “ I am pleased to hear that Real IPM Kenya is spreading its wings to take its products to other parts of the world” he says. “More farmers need to use IPM. That’s my advice.”

Sharing this evidence of Real IPM biopesticides in action is helping to illustrate the exciting new alternative to conventional chemical control we have in our range of products. We encourage you to watch and to share what you hear.