Real Insights

The Real Insights documents from Real IPM UK provide valuable information on a range of pests and their physical and economic impact on crops in the UK and around the world. Each edition in the Real Insights series looks at the pest’s life-cycle, behaviour and IPM control options.

You can download these documents from this site, but you will need to register to be a member of Real IPM UK first.

Real Insights – Fruit fly

Fruit flies are migratory pests of critical economic importance. Wherever in the world, fruit is grown – fruit flies are causing serious damage.

Commercial losses of 100% have been recorded, particularly in mango crops, which are attractive to a number of different fruit fly species. Flies lay eggs in ripening fruit. The larvae, which develop from these eggs, feed on fruit pulp completely destroying the fruit.

Real Insights – Leafminer

Plants need healthy leaves to capture the energy of the sun and turn it into food to fuel plant growth. Leafminer flies cause leaf damage to a wide range of crops. The feeding damage can be so severe as to significantly reduce the yield of the crop, or reduce the sugar content of fruits. Cosmetic damage to the leaves of ornamental plants, due to the presence of mines, may reduce quality and value.