Real IPM UK News : Biological control

A vision of the future: the shareholder view

Real IPM UK Ltd shareholder Andrew Burgess has been explaining how the portfolio of biological crop protection solutions and practices he first saw in use in Kenya are very relevant to agriculture in Europe and particularly the UK.

Watch to hear Real IPM evidence

We gather lots of evidence of the benefits of biopesticides. Who better to explain them than the farmers and technical managers that use them. Watch two films that share the success farming professionals have seen by switching from chemical control to integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. Residue free fruits At the VP Group fruit farm on […]

UK farmers alerted to biopesticide potential

Biopesticides for the UK in the spotlight in farming press

With many UK farmers only too well aware of what happens when a chemical control of a key pest is removed, the sector’s interest in biopesticides has had a big boost. Harness a fungus to kill an insect The spectre of uncontrolled flea beetle infestation in oilseed rape last autumn made some farmers shout loudly […]

UK growers are missing out on microbes

At the start of 2015, Real IPM Kenya director Louise Labuschagne gave the Oxford Farming Conference audience a stirring presentation on the potential for biopesticides in the UK. Her main points are summarised in Crop Protection Magazine as follows. Biopesticides could offer UK growers real opportunities to deliver Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and reduce chemical use for as […]