Real Trichoderma asperellum

Real Trichoderma asperellum provides combined plant protection. It is a bio-nematicide, bio-fungicide and biofertiliser (promoting growth and branching of crop roots). It works by competing directly with pathogens for biological space on the plant, through parasitism of competing microbes and by enhancing plant immune systems.

Control Phytophthora, Pythium, nematode complex, crown rot and collar rot in apples

Use Real Trichoderma asperellum as part of your spray programme from propagation nursery to field trees against Phytophora, Pythium, nematode complex and both crown rot and collar rot. Prepare planting holes with compost pre-treated with Trichoderma. Dip tree roots before planting followed by application to roots via drip irrigation every month.

Control scab in apples and pears

For scab, to reduce spores in the orchard, spray Real  Trichoderma asperellum on infected crop debris and branch structure before overwintering.

Control root disease and nematodes in strawberries and raspberries

Completely immerse plants in Real Trichoderma asperellum solution before planting. Thereafter apply monthly dose to roots through drip irrigation. If adding organic matter to soil pre treat with Real Trichoderma asperellum

Real Trichoderma asperellum, our isolate of the naturally occurring Trichoderma asperellum – found in soil – has many useful attributes including:

  • considerable biofertiliser effect – solubilises phosphate – enhancing strong growth and branching of roots
  • promotion of acquired and induced systemic resistance of the plant
  • produces an enzyme that destroys cuticle of nematode eggs and protects roots from attack from Meloidogyne spp
  • rapid colonisation of roots to compete with most soil borne diseases invading the roots
  • bees can be used to take it to flowers

Combine with Real Bacillus subtilis (link to that product page) for even greater impact on scab in apples and pears and botrytis in all soft fruit.  Apply as foliar or flower spray.

Product form: spores in vegetable oil

Application rate: 200 ml per hectare to the soil as a drench.

Storage and shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture in original unopened container stored in cool dry place (15-20°C)