Real IPM UK has been set up by UK growers and farmers.

We want to access the exciting new range of broad acre African biopesticides currently unavailable in Europe.

We work with bio-control manufacturer Real IPM Kenya. Our aim is that all growers can afford prophylactic preventative biopesticide programmes that reduce reliance on chemical pesticides.

We want UK farmers to be able to use these effective, innovative, competitively-priced pest control tools and strategies which minimise the development of resistance in key insect pests and protect non-target biodiversity.

By taking these effective and useful products through the necessary registration process in the EU we are providing the route to deliver new and powerful crop protection to farmers in the UK and around the globe.

About Real IPM UK

Real IPM UK – established and run by farmers – offers UK farmers a route to sustainable intensification of agriculture by delivering the pesticide reductions required by the EU Sustainable Use Directive in broad acre field vegetables and combinable crops.

Farmers and agricultural professionals can learn with us.  Join our workshops on pest management and sign up for our Real Insights for detailed knowledge of pest control techniques.

Real IPM UK products work in synergy with the existing chemistry. Through combining biopesticides with chemical products we are able to design and deliver Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes that are effective and minimise resistance development.

We are helping to extend the useable lifetimes of existing traditional agrochemicals by minimising the development of resistance in key insect pests.

Our philosophy is to deliver product at a price to challenge existing agrochemistry. We encourage mixing biopesticides with existing chemical options.

UK trials of Real IPM products will demonstrate they are safe and effective in the European environment.