Real Metarhizium 62

Real Metarhizium 62 is an insect-killing fungus that occurs naturally in the soil. It targets aphids without killing aphid predators or parasitoids.

Real Metarhizium 62 is a ‘contact’ biopesticide. On contact with the pest insect the Real Metarhizium spore germinates and enters the hosts where it multiplies in the haemocoel of the insect killing it within 2-4 days, subject to temperature and the susceptibility and size of the pest.

Top and soft fruits

Use Real Metarhizium 62 as a prophylactic preventative weekly spray against aphids. If symptoms are medium to high reduce the spray interval to three days and tank mix with chemical insecticide . Return to weekly preventative use when symptoms no longer persist. If aphid virus vectors are present always tank mix with insecticide.

Our Real Metarhizium 62 has many useful attributes including:

  • no harm to common beneficial parasitoids and predators
  • a powerful tool for conservation of essential natural biological control agents
  • contact action is complemented by flying beneficial predates with ‘mop up’ any pests not taken out by the biopesticide
  • compatible with most conventional chemical pesticides and fertilisers and can be tank mixed
  • tank mixing provides synergistic effect and resistance management strategy
  • easily applied with conventional spray equipment
  • zero pre harvest interval

Product form: spores in vegetable oil

Application rate: 200 ml per hectare

Storage and shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture in original unopened container stored in cool dry place (15-20°C)