Real Metarhizium 69

Real Metarhizium 69 is an insect-killing fungus that occurs naturally in the soil. It targets a range of pests in both the soil and the canopy. Current registrations in various countries include use against whitefly, mealybug, thrips, snout beetles, vine weevil Lygus and fruit fly.

Real Metarhizium 69 is a ‘contact’ biopesticide. On contact with the pest insect the Real Metarhizium spore germinates and enters the hosts where is multiplies in the haemocoel of the insect killing it within 2-4 days, subject to temperature and the susceptibility and size of the pest.

For faster curative use tank mixing with suitable insecticide achieves a synergistic effect.

The benign effect of Real Metarhizium to beneficial insects is demonstrated by the fact that bees can deliver it direct to flowers. With a little modification to their hive exit to create a footbath of spores each departing bee picks up spores to deposit in blossom as it feeds.


Use Real Metarhizium 69 on apples as prophylactic preventive weekly spray against woolly aphid and mealybug. If pest levels medium to high reduce spray interval to 3 days and tank mix with chemical insecticide. Against blossom weevil, which is nocturnal begin weekly night time canopy sprays with Real Metarhizium 69 as soon as weevils active in spring. Take care not to spray to run off so that blossoms retain spores. Codling moth and winter moth control can be achieved by prophylactic preventive weekly spray. A reduced spray interval and tank mix with IGR chemical insecticide provides a synergistic effect. At beginning and end of the season apply to crop debris, tree trunks and apple bins etc for over wintering stages.

Controlling vine weevil in strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants

If adding organic matter/manure to soil, pre-treat with Real Metarhizium 69 before adding to soil. When planting, dip new plants completely in Real Metarhizium 69 to get spores into crown. Apply night time foliar sprays weekly once adults emerge in spring. Also apply through drip irrigation to kill larvae in soil.

Control thrips in soft fruit

Use Real Metarhizium 62 as a prophylactic preventative weekly canny spray against thrips. It also kills whitefly.  If pest pressure increases reduce the spray interval to three days and tank mix with chemical insecticide. Return to weekly preventative use when symptoms no longer persist. Two weeks prior to peak thrip season apply Real Metarhizium 62 to top 2cm soil and continue weekly, late afternoon. Reduce spray interval if pest levels high or if thrips are a virus vector.

Control Lygus in strawberries

Weekly early spring sprays of Real Metarhizium 62 on trap crops (nettles) in field borders followed by weekly prophylactic preventative sprays are effective. Tank mixing for synergistic effect and resistance management is beneficial.

Our Real Metarhizium 69 has many useful attributes including:

  • no harm to common beneficial parasitoids and predators
  • a powerful tool for conservation of essential natural biological control agents
  • contact action is complemented by flying beneficial predates which ‘mop up’ any pests not taken out by the biopesticide
  • regular use reduces excessive pesticide use and helps manage chemical pesticide resistance
  • applied using conventional spray or irrigation equipment,
  • compatible with most conventional chemical pesticides and fertilisers and can be tank mixed
  • tank mixing provides synergistic effect and resistance management strategy
  • zero pre harvest interval

Product form: spores in vegetable oil

Application rate: 200 ml per hectare

Storage and shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture in original unopened container stored in cool dry place (15-20°C)