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Real farmers unite to invest in biopesticides

Real IPM Kenya Ltd

New alternative to chemical pesticides

UK farmers visiting Kenya saw the exciting range of Kenyan biopesticides in action and insisted that Real IPM UK Ltd was formed to get this technology into the hands of farmers around the world. Outside Africa the registration process for new products can take up to five years and cost about $500,000 per product.

Alternatives to chemical pesticides exist but they are usually niche, high price products, because the owners are often multi-national agrochemical companies.

Affordable biopesticides become the backbone of spray programmes. Up to 50% reduction in chemical sprays is a realistic objective.
This has already been achieved by a wide range of businesses in Kenya from small scale vegetable farmers to 100-hectare export rose growers. All thanks to Real IPM Kenya programmes.

Investing in Real Integrated Pest Management

Farmers, consumers and environmentalists are coming forward to invest in biopesticides with Real IPM UK Ltd to take control of the global registrations of biopesticides produced by Real IPM Kenya Ltd and secure affordable retail prices. The investment opportunity will be launched in London on 28th October 2015. Farming companies, Trusts, Foundations and environmental impact investors are encouraged to apply. Only investors meeting the investor profile will be invited to the launch.

To see our outline of the investment opportunity become a member of Real IPM to have access to the details.

For more information contact UK arable farmer and MD of Real IPM UK, Antony Pearce