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Anglia Farmers promotes Real IPM UK

The opportunity to invest in Real IPM UK is being promoted to UK fruit and other farmers by leading purchasing group Anglia Farmers (AF).

Rare opportunity for farmer equity in pest control innovation

Speaking as news of the opportunity is shared, Peter MacDonald, Agro Chemicals General Manager at AF,  said “We believe the Real IPM initiative is certainly unique – not only as an opportunity for AF members to invest in a UK beneficial/IPM company but to take an equity stake. These opportunities are rare in this sector.”

AF is the largest largest agricultural purchasing group in the UK, with a buying power in excess of £250 million. It aims to ensure that farmers get the best deal in quality and price for their inputs.

Doing business farmer to farmer

Highly supportive of farmer-led and farmer-owned innovation,  AF is quick to recognise the ideas, products and services for contemporary farming’s problems and much-needed solutions. “Recently several large multi nationals – for example Bayer & BASF – have invested in such companies”, explains MacDonald, “therefore taking the companies out of private into large company ownership.”

Demand for alternative pest control products and strategies

“The retailer market demand is for alternative control mechanism i.e. developing softer chemistry and integrating this with beneficial insects. Real IPM UK will be able to provide both of these options.”

Peter MacDonald is looking forward to serious AF member interest in investing to bring an exciting range of biopesticides through EU registration and into use, on fruit farms in the first phase.

“Real IPM won’t be the first company to bring insects from Africa but it will be the first to do so as part of a farmer-owned business”.

Email at Real IPM UK to receive the full information from Anglia Farmers.