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Investment Opportunity Explained

A stone’s throw from London’s great Central Market, Real IPM UK announced its launch and outlined to a range of potential investors our plans to bring biopesticides and other IPM products to market in Europe.

Underpinned by experience and dedication

Louise Labuschagne, Real IPM Kenya co-founder and director, explained the remarkable combination of discovery, testing, product design and development that is achieved by the Real IPM Kenya team of researchers, production managers and support staff. As well as describing how they have already brought key products to market she also give an insight into the research and development work underway to find a widening range of alternative solutions  chemical control of important insect pests of in crops and livestock.

Poised for expansion

The infrastructure that underpins Real IPM’s supply and delivery to farming businesses in East and Southern Africa as well as Europe was illustrated by co-founder of Real IPM Kenya, Dr Henry Wainwright. The combination of split location supply bases was stressed. The scalability of the resources and systems to meet the increased demand for products once Real IPM UK has taken them through registration was evident.

A future beyond pesticides

Quoting from his diary entry after his day with Real IPM Kenya two years ago, Produce World Director of Agriculture Andrew Burgess relived how impressed he was. He had found, he remembered, a future beyond pesticides. Explaining how his company’s carrot production has been hard hit by an insect pest this season for which there is no chemical control he is enthusiastic about the potential of IPM to bring effective and affordable pest control solutions to many farmers and growers and announced that he will be investing in Real IPM UK.

Join the Real IPM revolution

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